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Did You Know...

• ...That The Sun and The Moon curse is fake?

• ...That Klaus and Elijah are half-brothers?

• ...That Klaus is a were-vamp? (a werewolf and vampire) • ...Bonnie has got the power of over 100 dead witches?

• ...Katherine Pierce (Katrina Petrova at the time) had a baby girl which got taken away from her?

• ...Isobel Flemming was the first person to be seen die by burning in the sunlight?

• ...Lexi Branson is older than both Damon and Stefan Salvatore?

• ...Rose got bit by a werewolf?

• ...Katherine turned Caroline Forbes into a vampire?

• ...John Gilbert died to save his daughter?

Quote of the Week

I'm so sorry, Elena... That I was such a disopointment to you.":

—Isobel Flemming in Knowy Thy Enemy

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15th May, 2011

~ Five Most OMG Moments during Season 2.

~ Paul Wesley Joins 'The Baytown Disco'

~ Sara Canning talks about 'The Sun Also Rises' episode.

~ Is Lindsy Lohan auditioning for a part in The Vampire Diaries?

~ Shocks of someones reaperance in 'As I Lay Dying'


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